Every year, we sell a selection of apartments, fine residences and properties for residential or commercial use (hotels, para-hotels, vineyards, olive groves) in Paris, Lyon, in Provence and on the Mediterranean coast + Corsica.

We are independent
  1. The choice of a lightweight structure is highly effective in the current market context.
  2. We believe that performance depends onagility in execution.
  3. We suggest that our customers choose a team before they choose a brand.
We're responsive & reliable
1 /7
  1. We carry out a select number of missions.
  2. Our”Binôme” is available, flexible and reliable in all circumstances.
  3. We come from demanding backgrounds in law, marketing and sales, guaranteeing a perfect mastery of our commitments.
We are recommended
1 %
  1. More than two-thirds of our assignments come to us by direct recommendation.
  2. We focus on animating our network and creating opportunities through our meetings.
  3. You are all welcome to become an active ambassador and business contributor*..s
We're proud of our customer reviews
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  1. 98% 5* customer reviews
  2. Our success depends on your trust. We’re both aware of this and proud of it.
  3. You are all welcome to become an active ambassador and business contributor*..
We are exclusive
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  1. We value end-to-end project management.
  2. We protect your assets by guaranteeing controlled, appropriate communication.
  3. We work with our colleagues to defend the interests of the sale
We specialize in
  1. We choose a reasonable number of assignments, ranging from 500 K€ to more than 10 M€.
  2. From pied-à-terre in St Germain des Près tohotel particulier
  3. From beautiful coastal homes to vineyards in Provence
Welcome to a demanding year
  1. The economic context is reawakening the need for expertise and experience.
  2. Sellers’ ambitions deserve tailor-made marketing.
  3. The opportunities are there to buy. Now is the time to be liquid and join a virtuous cycle.

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